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June 24, 2011 -- Baltimore, MD--, a site that
gives Maryland businesses free listings to dramatically improve their search engine
rankings, is now represented by Lowell Sheets, owner of Baltimore-Networking.

"it’s not a Remington Shaver, but, I liked it so much, I bought (into) the company!”
says Lowell Sheets, owner and founder of Baltimore-Networking.

Baltimore-Networking was formed in late 2010 to help businesses network and learn
powerful marketing strategies to grow their companies.

"When I took what I call my 'crash course' in learning to really MARKET Baltimore-
Networking, I was floored by the simple techniques that any business can use to
revolutionize their results and bottom line." explains Sheets.

Sheets formed and has been helping area businesses to
create a profitable online presence and convert more prospects into clients.

While doing online searches to show his contacts where their businesses rank, he
kept discovering first-page listings for businesses that were members of , one of over 500 sites in the nationwide

web presence. Learning that Maryland businesses could have a free listing that can
rank on Google's first page in weeks, he immediately aligned with SmartGuy and
became the Business Network Leader for the Maryland site.

For an interesting interview or for more information, visit
http://www. or call Lowell Sheets at 410-692-5550.

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"Lowell’s services are
really paying off in a very
short while. I couldn't be
more pleased."

—Vincent Lash,
Vincent Lash & Co.
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