Don't Spend A Single Penny To Get
Your Business Listed Prominently
On Google
Dear Business Owner & Entrepreneur,

It's true! The Internet is the way forward [through 2012] to get more
customers to your business.

You don't need to spend a small fortune on Yellow Pages ads, radio
commercials, fliers, money-mailers, or getting listed in the newspaper.

(And, yes, I
really do mean a small fortune! Have you seen how much Yellow
Pages ads are running these days?)

All those methods are old hat! They're stuck back in the 20th Century.
Paying For Local Advertising Is Out! You Need
To Move Your Publicity Machine Online!
Getting attention online is easy. You just need to advertise.

how do you get going if you've never advertised online before?

You Could Hire A Marketing Consultant.

That will work, but they're going to charge you the big bucks for setting up
an online listing
which you could do in a matter of hours.

And, they won't know all the secret insider details of your business (you really
want to share those with a stranger? - yeah, sure you do).

You Could Pay Google For Advertising.
I've seen so many victims lose their shirts doing that.

And all for little to nothing in return.

You Could Set-Up Your Own Low-Rent Web Site.

However, if it doesn't look professional, you're harming your business.

And, I've seen lots of non-professional looking web sites.

That is, if anyone even knows about, and visits your site. Without visitors, your
site is worthless!
You Need To Use Google's Free One-Stop
What if I told you that Google has its own free promotional service that very
few people know about.

And the service will get your business listed in a prominent position right where
your customers search for it.

You'd think I was 'yanking your chain', but this service really exists.

It's called
Google Places.

It will get you all the online visibility you need.

And the best thing?
Your Competitors May Know A Little About Google Places-
But Read On To See What I Am Exposing
This gives you a huge advantage in the local market to take the lead
advertising positions away from them, and all for nothing.

And all for following a
quick and easy process, without needing to leave the
comfort of your home, or hire an overpriced consultant.

Google will tell you everything you need to know to set up a listing with Google

But, they don't make it easy on you.

They use tech speak.

they don't share with you all the insider tips you need to get your
business in the most dominant positions
in the search engine listings.

The good news? I've got the solution right here for you.
Introducing Google Places Locater
I've scoured my way through the complicated Google documentation, and
searched for all the hidden secret tips I can find.

I've even tried out the Google Places options, just to make sure I know the
ones that work best.

And, I'm making the results of my long hours and sleepless nights available to
you in this new report.

It's called
Google Places Locater, and this concise, 50-page report shows
you, step-by-step,
how to get your business listed on Google Places - and
how to harness the power of Google to bring customers to your door.
Here's what you'll discover when you purchase your copy now...

  • The 10 reasons why you need to be using Google Places (I'd bet you
    your competition does not know more than one or two of these - and I'd
    be surprised if they know any!)

  • The exact information you need to get approved by Google and how to
    find it... save yourself hours of research to get your business accepted
    into this prominent free publicity machine

  • How to build-up trust with your customers through Google Places - this
    tip alone is vital if you want to operate a thriving business in the modern
    day world of 2012

  • Exactly how to get your business 'on the map' - literally! Get your
    business land-marked on Google Maps, so that customers in the local
    area can't help but know about the service you are offering them

  • The secret technique you need to know to get your customers to rave
    about your business online... apply just this single tactic and watch the
    floodgates open

  • 10 other directories you can list your business in for nothing, and all
    these have a positive effect on Google Places

  • And much more...
Can You Put A Figure On The Value Of This
Information For Your Business
It's not an easy question to answer.

How much is a customer, or a sale, worth for you?

I can tell you this. I've known of people who've spent hundreds (if not
thousands) of dollars, running a commercial on the radio and other methods
and not gained a single new customer.

You don't need to spend that kind of money on the Internet.

In fact, after you've purchased Google Places Locater,
you never need to
spend a single penny more
to get your business visible on the greatest
global advertising medium in the world, the Internet.

you might think I'd be charging you hundreds of dollars for this
information, right? After all, that's comparable with that radio spot.

But, you'd be wrong.
I want to help out small, struggling business owners & entrepreneurs like
So, when you buy today, I'm cutting you a great deal.

Your special price for Google Places Locater is just
$50.00  (See below)

To get an Internet Consultant to show this kind of stuff would cost you a
minimum $200
, so you really are stealing this at rock bottom prices when you
buy now.
Plus, Your Purchase Is Fully
You don't need to risk a penny of your money.
When you invest today, I'm taking on all the risk myself.

Your purchase is guaranteed for a full 30-days.

Here's how it works. Buy your copy right now, read through the Special
Report, and make sure that you're getting everything you were promised.

Then go ahead, set-up your Google Places listing and get ready to draw more
customers to your business.

If you don't manage to make more profit after using the secret information I've
provided for you in this guide, then I demand that you contact me to receive
your full investment back.

I can make that offer, as I know that this information is worth many times the
small price I'm asking you to invest today.
Cash In On The Online Revolution For Your
Business Right Away
To your success,

Lowell Sheets

Still not sure?

Imagine how great it will be when you go to Google, type in the name of your
business type (industry), and
see your business there, looking back at you
on the first page.

Now, imagine how your customers feel when they carry out that same search -
and realize that your business meets all their needs.

You owe it to your local customers, and your own livelihood, to
advantage of the information contained within this Special Report right
$50.00     $20.12
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