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"Lowell is a charismatic, knowledgeable marketing expert that
is unmatched in his creative approach to making marketing
strategies -- especially SEO strategies -- accessible to small
business owners.

"Whether you're looking for a consultant to help you use the web
to grow your business
or you need a speaker for your event,
Lowell would be my choice again and again.
—Angelique Rewers,   www.HowToGetCorporateClients.com
“Lowell is highly knowledgeable in Marketing and Search Engine
Optimization. Most importantly, Lowell is able to communicate
and teach methods that a company can implement themselves.

His speaking is  
personable and entertaining. I would hire Lowell
again in a second for any speaking engagement
or SEO project.”
    —Jenn Pak, PakComCommunications, Baltimore, MD
If you are looking to Hire a Speaker For Your Next Business  Event,
then Lowell's
squeaky-clean, magical, humorous, value-packed talks
about Marketing and Networking are the perfect answer.

              Lowell Sheets, the Magician of SEO, is at home
              whether he’s speaking to a local gathering of 30
              business professionals, addressing over 600
              business owners in other regions of the country, or
              even when he was "on stage" with
Penn and Teller
              at the Rio in Las Vegas.  

At the end of the day the ultimate goal is to make
your event a fun and memorable one, and to give
valuable, profit-producing,
concrete ideas that any
business owner can implement right away

His most popular talk is:
"The Magic 7 Low-Cost or
No-Cost Ways to Dominate Google’s Page One."

It can immediately change the online results for any and all attendees.
Lowell Sheets: Business Coach, Profit
Strategist, Entertainer, and Magician of SEO
Tailored To Your Audience

Whether your audience is independent business
owners, franchisees, restaurateurs, or marketing
and sales professionals, the Magician of SEO will
make all of the marketing 'Magic Secrets'
and perfect for your attendees.

Marketing Magic, Networking Magic, Or Emceeing Your Event...

Lowell has hosted literally hundreds of business networking events and he
knows what works and what doesn't. He is the current owner and CEO of
Baltimore-Networking.com. His talk can also be centered around making
your networking efforts much more productive.
Lowell Sheets and Les Brown
Lowell Sheets with Jeffrey Gitomer
"Lowell, Please Give Me
Your PRICE!"
"You rock!!!! Thank you soooooo much for
coming to speak. Everyone LOVED you!"
—Angelique Rewers   
"I thought your presentation was HILARIOUS
and very insightful. Many Thanks!"
—Valentia McVey Mundell
"Thanks for a fantastic presentation. I’m
excited to implement some of what you
talked about."
—Faye Rivkin
"The Internet is an 'ocean' of prospects, clients, and money."  —Lowell Sheets

As famed business philosopher Jim Rohn says,

        "Asking is the beginning of receiving.
         Make sure you don’t go to the ocean
         with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket
         so the kids won’t laugh at you."

Let Lowell help your audience get their bucket's worth!!

”You rocked the crowd. EVERYONE
LOVED YOU and was asking for you
them on Friday and Sunday. They
loved you and thought having you
there was a fabulous idea. I think I
can speak on behalf of all the
guests, designers, participants, and
WEEK TEAM we want you back for
next year. . . . YOU ROCK!!!
—Sharan Nixon,
   Fashion Week
Lowell is Police and FBI background checked!
Before, I wasn't found on Google or any
search engine.... With Lowell's help, now
I am in the top 3
.”     —Andre Henriques
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