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We make local businesses FAMOUS as our sponsors of business networking happy hours in the
Baltimore area.

Now offering sponsorships for Business Networking Happy Hour events for 2015.

Why sponsor a Baltimore-Networking event?  

"We Do the Work—You Get the Exposure."

•   Emailed event invitations.  Your business website and graphics are promoted to tens of thousands of
business professionals in the area with the help of
our partners below:

Invitations contain your full color logo and URL link to your website in every email.  
 Free graphics production for your banner and email ads.                                      $400.00 Retail   

•   Social Media Blasts go out multiple times from all the partners above to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
and more—all advertising your business and event. [Baltimore-Networking and Magician of SEO have over
4000 fans on Facebook alone]  Your event is also posted on many open Facebook major market media
Pages including
WMAR-TV2, WBFF-FOX 45, WJZ-TV, and many others.                        $200.00 Retail

•   Your Ad Banner is featured on, on our home page, linked to your
website for a full month.                                                                                                    
$100.00 Retail

•   Professional Photographer(s) On Hand [normally $300/hr per photographer] to capture you/your
staff interacting and speaking to guests in attendance.
                                                  $300.00 Retail

•   Social Photo-Media Marketing makes your Facebook business Page go viral and brings you more
LIKES and activity.  
 EXAMPLE                                                                                          $200.00 Retail

•   Your 5-10 Minute Presentation during the event to all attendees.                              Priceless     
Follow-Up Email Marketing to all attendees.  We help you craft a special/urgent irresistible upsell
offer to all attendees, moving them to take action:  promote your email list, seminar, special event,     
one-time offer, sale,etc.                                                                                    
                                                                                                            Total Value:       $1,200.00+

    Normal Rate:          $397.00

                                                                         2016 Special — Your Investment:        $149.00

Our marketing is so powerful that once—with less than 8 days notice from a new venue partner—we created an
event with hundreds of attendees that was even featured that night as the lead story on ABC2 News  at 11. See
the picture below... or
CLICK HERE  (We can’t promise TV coverage for your event, but you WILL get the same
marketing effort!)

Call us today to reserve an event sponsorship spot in 2015.

Lowell Sheets

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