2011 Baltimore
Ravens Game Schedule
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Our exclusive recap of 2011 Ravens games.

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Flacco's less-than-stellar performance was certainly
eclipsed by the visibly-rattled Sanchez. As the Ravens
clinched a 7th straight win against the Jets, it was the
defense's game, and what a record-setting game it was.

Game Recap - Ravens vs. Jets
Fans witnessed a satisfying redemption when
Baltimore dominated the Steelers in all aspects
of the game, proving that the Ravens are truly
one of the AFC's top contenders. A brief video
simply can't contain ALL of the Raven highlights!

Game Recap — Ravens and Steelers
Offense sets a franchise record of 553 total yards.
Torrey Smith lit up the scoreboard with 3, yes 3,
touchdown pass receptions in the first quarter, and
it was downhill from there for the beleaguered
Rams. A fitting comeback from tepid play in

Game Recap — Ravens at Rams
Some days you're the windshield, some days
you're the bug. Ravens just did not click (other
than for one stellar drive) and Hasselbeck
proved he's still got it. One to forget...

Game Recap —Ravens at Titans
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Another win for the Ravens against a tough Texans
team that pulled into the lead briefly in the 3rd
quarter. Ravens finished well and prevented
anything like the last outing with Houston, pulling
away with a decisive 4th quarter win.

Game Recap—Ravens vs. Texans
Another game when Ravens were picked to win,
but offense (including coaching) does not show
up with any passion. Record-setting poor
performances, except for defense which held
only 8 carries, and we miss a chance to prove  
our worth as a playoff team.

Game Recap—Ravens at Jaguars
Oh what a difference a second half makes!....
Ravens fans went from despondent to jubilant as the
offense turned the corner with no-huddle, shotgun
plays using Anquan Boldin and Pitta in a welcomed
display against a stunned Cardinals defense. A
record-breaking comeback that couldn't come at a
better time—between a reeling MNF loss against the
Jags and an away game with Pittsburgh next Sunday

Game Recap—Cardinals at Ravens
23                  20
After being ref-obbed of a first play touchdown, Ravens
dominate the Steelers through most of the game and
turn the Steelers only lead (last 5 minutes of the 4th
quarter)  into a rousing defeat by driving 92 yards in 2
minutes to sweep both of the 2011 regular season
Steelers games. Steelers fans blame refs. LOL

Game Recap—Ravens at Steelers
Ravens fumble their chance to dominate their division
with 3 turnovers to the Seahawks. A poor showing by
special teams, with 2 missed FG's and two critical kickoff
return fumbles by Reed. Offensive play calling was just
that--offensive. Rice gets only 5 carries, and Flacco was
inconsistent. Defense holds firm after turnovers, but
never creates real pressure for Jackson or forces even
one turnover. A sad no-show at another 'sure win' game..

Game Recap—Ravens at Seahawks.
After a slow start, Ravens kicked it in gear and the
"Smith and Rice Show" got underway. Ray Rice
got 20 carries for 104 rushing yards (What a novel
idea—Run Ray! lol) and Torrey Smith breaks
Ravens records for a rookie receiver with his 6
receptions for 165 yards and one TD. Defense
stepped up big with 3 interceptions from Reed,
Jimmy Smith and Webb. A close finish but a big
win putting us atop the AFC!

Game Recap—Bengals at Ravens
Big brother John comes out a winner at the first ever
'Bro-Bowl' when two amazing defenses square off
for a big Thanksgiving game. Ravens 'D' proved
Suggs. Flacco connected to Pitta for the only TD of
the evening. Ravens were never behind in this one
(a sure recipe for winning...lol). Ravens solidify their
place as the #1 team in the AFC, #2 in the league.
A great game—much to be thankful for!

Game Recap—49ers at Ravens
During a rainy afternoon on one of the worst fields in
the NFL, the Ravens break the curse of losing to sub
.500 teams and bring home their first 3-in-a-row win
for 2011. Ray Rice runs, and runs, and runs some
more for a career high 204 yards and 1 TD. Webb
seals the deal with a 68 yard punt return in the 4th

Game Recap—Ravens at Browns
As expected, Ravens handily defeat the AFC's bottom
team in a game that was never close. Having lost to
the Colts in every match up since 2001, this was an
especially satisfying win, even if not against Peyton.
Baltimore scored on first possession and never
looked back. Rice had his second 100+ yard game in
a row and becomes NFL total yardage leader with
1,622 yards from scrimmage.  Suggs gets 3 strip
sacks and Torrey Smith ties the rookie TD record.

Game Recap—Colts at Ravens
Ravens Purple Fridays